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gs while the island slowl▓y uncurls from the sea in the light of an● early sun I walk about on the de●serted beaches, trying to recover m●y memories of the time spent in Upper Egyp▓t.It is strange when everythi●ng about Alexandria is so vivid th●at I can recover so little of▓ that lost period.Or perhaps it is not so stra●nge — for compared to the city life I had l▓ived my new life was dull and uneven●tful.I remember the back-breaking

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sw▓eat of school work: walks in the flat rich ●fields with their bumper crops feeding upon dead▓ men’s bones: the black silt-fed Nile movin●g corpulently through the Delta to the s●ea: the bilharziaridden peasantry whose p●atience and nobility shone thr●ough their rags like patents of dispo●ssessed royalty: village patriarchs intonin●g: the blind cattle turning the s▓low globe of their waterwheels, blind-fo▓lded against monotony — ho

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w small ●can a world become Throughout this period I● read nothing, thought nothing, was noth●ing.The fathers of the school● were kindly and left me alone in my spare time●, sensing perhaps my distaste▓ for the cloth, for the apparatus of the Holy Of▓fice.The children of course we●re a torment — but then what▓ teacher of sensibility does not echo● in his heart the terrible words of ▓Tolstoy: ‘Whenever I enter ▓a school

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and see a multitude of children, ragge▓d thin and dirty but with their cle▓ar eyes and sometimes angelic expressi▓ons, I am seized with restlessness a●nd terror, as though I saw people d▓rowning’ Unreal as all corresponde▓nce seemed, I kept up a desultory contact wi●th Melissa whose letters arrived punctually.Cl▓ea wrote once or twice, and surprisin●gly enough old Scobie who appear▓ed to be rather annoyed

that he sh▓ould miss me as much as he ob▓viously did.His letters were full of ●fantastic animadversion agai●nst Jews (who were always referred to jeeringly ?/p>

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15 Jan

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坅s ‘snipcocks’) and, surprisingly enough,▓ to passive pederasts (whom he labelled ‘He▓rms’, i.e.Hermaphrodites).I was not surpris●ed to learn that the Secret Service had● gravelled him, and he was now a▓ble

23 May

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to spend most of the day in bed with w▓hat he called a ‘bottle of wallop●’ at his elbow.But he was lonely, hence his c●orrespondence.These letters ▓were useful to me.My feeling of unreality had g▓rown to such

18 Aug

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a pitch that at times I distrusted ●my own memory, finding it hard to bel●ieve that there had ever been such a town a●s Alexandria.Letters were a lifeline attachin●g me to an existence in which the grea●ter par

31 Dec

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t of myself was no longer engaged.▓As soon as my work was finished I locked myself ●in my room and crawled into bed; beside it lay ●the green jade box full of hashish-loaded cig●arettes.If my way of life was no●

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of them all and pe▓rhaps felt that my friendship might temper his o▓wn intellectual loneliness.I

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was sorry for● him and regr

etted in a way ▓not being able to respond to

these overt●ures.But I was afflicted by a gra

dually● increasing numbness, a mental ▓apathy which ma

de me shrink from contac▓t.Once or twice I accompanie

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